Fire Ceremony is a core ritual of shamanic traditions. This version of Fire Ceremony is inspired by the Work of Alberto Villoldo. Held at the New Moon, when the Veil between worlds is thinnest, it allows for rapid transformation via the release of old dramas and scripts into the Fire. It also connects us with our Fire Brothers and Fire Sisters, those with whom we have shared the Hearth Flame since the primordial dawn of Humanity.


Before coming to the Fire, prepare a small bundle of burnable material. This is your Spirit Stick, which will be your offering to Spirit. Use this bundle as a focus to represent the issue that needs to be honored and released, or the Gifts and New Reality you wish to Dream into being. Take a few minutes while constructing your offering to connect to the issue or Gift, then blow your Intention into the Spirit Stick.

When it is your turn to offer the Spirit Stick to the Fire, if you have friends or family with you, invite one to hold space behind you, so your whole intention can be with the Fire. Approach the Fire silently and respectfully, and allow Spirit to transform your offering back to Light. As the Spirit Stick burns, draw some of the smoke into your three dan tian – your belly, heart, and head.

Once all personal offerings are made, one other is made. The Mother Stick carries the Healing Intention of the entire Community. When you receive the Mother Stick, blow your Healing Prayers for the world into the Stick, then pass it to the next person. After the last person has added their Intention, the Mother Stick will then be offered to the Fire, returned in Thanks to Spirit. Once the Fire has burned down to embers, Sacred Space is closed and the ceremony is ended.

When performed at the new moon, there is a two-week window while the moon fills, in which opportunities to act upon your new Intention will manifest. These cues may be subtle or overt, but either way they are not magic cures, they are invitations only. Be vigilant! Dream your new Dream!

I understand there is a lot of etiquette here. Rest assured, we will go over everything in person before the Ritual begins!