This is a somewhat more advanced form of Shamanic Journey-work. In order to derive the most benefit from this service, it is best to have undergone at least fifteen traditional Journey-work sessions. Once you have laid the foundation of being able to enter and interact in the Lower World and Upper World, you can now begin to explore the Middle World. The Middle World is basically the spiritual mirror to the plane of reality we call the “physical world.” And what better place to begin exploring the numinous aspect of our world than to begin with your own Luminous Body?


Unlike with Bodywork or Energy Medicine, there is no need for a lengthy initial consultation, as the entirety of the work is within your own Mind-Body-World. When you are ready, I will have you lie comfortably on the table under the blanket. There is no need to undress, but I do recommend that you wear light, comfortable clothing.

Once you indicate that you are ready to begin, I will begin Drumming. Remember to perform your “entering the Journey” ritual and this time, instead of locating yourself within your Power Place, locate yourself within your Heart Chakra. Then switch your perspective from within your Heart Chakra to just outside and above your Body.

Be willing to See your Body. You may see faint wisps of energy coruscating around your Body. You may see spots of color or shadow. You also may feel temperature fluctuations radiating from certain areas of your Body. You may even sense or see actual objects laying on or embedded within your Body. Allow yourself to be curious about what you observe.

You will notice that one feature draws your attention more than the others. Approach that feature and merge into it with your Consciousness. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the experience, do not fear! Your Body has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Allow yourself to experience whatever sensations, voices, or insights arise without judgment.

After about thirty minutes, I will begin Drumming the Call-Back. Thank your Body for sharing a portion of Its wisdom with you today and make your way out of the experience and back into your Body through the Heart Chakra. Wiggle your toes, stretch, do whatever you need to do to ground yourself back in physical reality. Then give yourself a hug. Yes, seriously.

Once the Drumming is done, I will give you a few minutes to process your experience. If you wish to share your Journey or have questions about it, ask away! Alternatively, you may wish to carry the silence with you into your day.

I will offer a sage or tobacco smudge before you go if you wish.