we all carry boulders of trauma
from our unhealed ancestors

we desperately need to surrender to the
Truth drowned in our ugliest emotions

we can live a life of Sacred Passion,
fearlessly manifesting our
deepest dreams and yearnings

we will embody Peace, awaken Compassion,
and find our way home to the Great Mystery

Hello and welcome to Jaguar Temple. My name is Andrew and I am a nationally certified bodyworker and shamanic practitioner specializing in trauma recovery, chronic pain resolution, emotional unburdening, and spiritual emergence.

-> If you’ve recently experienced an auto accident or other injury –
-> If you suffer endlessly with fibromyalgia, anxiety, or depression –
-> If you’ve recently experienced an auto accident or other injury –
-> If you suffer endlessly with fibromyalgia, anxiety, or depression –
-> If you feel completely bottled up and unable to find release –
-> If you are having difficulty integrating a kundalini awakening or psychedelic journey –

I would be honored to walk beside you
on your healing journey!

“Over the past decade I have received bodywork from Andrew. Many times I was in pain and desperate to feel better. Andrew’s gifts as a healer are profound. I would always leave feeling better. His healing techniques incorporate massage and healing energy that provides not only wellness for the body, but the mind and soul as well. When in his presence I have always felt safe and at peace. He is a patient practitioner and energetically hones in on the area in need of work. I have seen his skills continue to increase over the years and he is a powerhouse of healing. Choose Andrew as a part of your self-care routine and you will be glad you did!” – Stacy

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My clients experience healing
across all facets of their lives.

In your Body, this healing manifests as:

-> Freedom from pain
-> Greater flexibility
-> Feeling Grounded and Centered
-> Feeling At Home and more Embodied

In your Emotional Self this healing manifests as:

-> Freedom from fear and feeling Safe
-> Equanimity and Being At Peace
-> Openness to Love

In your Mind, this healing manifests as:

-> Self-Empowerment and Self-Determination
-> Greater Self-Awareness
-> Improved Focus and Curiosity
-> Positive Self-Talk / Self-Image

In your Spiritual Life this healing manifests as:

-> Aligning and Clearing of the Subtle Bodies
-> Healing intergenerational trauma and karmic cycles
-> Integration and Actualization of Higher Awareness


Discover and Resolve the traumas hidden within the sacred pain of your body.

Recover the trinity of your being: Body, Mind, Soul

Encounter the sacred terrain of your body’s innermost wisdom directly in this self guided visualization.

Connect to this sacred medicine of the Amazon, shared generously by the indigenous who call the rainforest home.

Sometimes treading the footpath of life can be very confusing. Divining the timing of Universal unfolding can help us re-frame and refocus our journey.

Why not learn a little more about me, my training, some recommended resources,
and a love letter just for you.