Somatic Journeywork  is a specific, body-centric application of a traditional Shamanic Journey.

Somatic journeywork is useful for when there are specific issues you wish to address that lie hidden deep within and that don’t seem to respond to the bodywork. This can often be because you need to access your own healing wisdom directly, beyond the mediation of a bodyworker. Somatic Journeywork provides a way for you to enter a deep meditative state and explore your inner terrain to discover the nature of these deeper traumas, as well as the path to Health and Wholeness.

Within this liminal space you may discover healing insights and epiphanies,  make direct contact with your own Sacred Wisdom, undergo a shamanic surgery, or experience soul retrievals and past life integrations. Thus, you yourself truly become both the patient and the Healer.


Shamanic Journeywork begins with the opening of Sacred Space, calling in Spirit Allies, and warding against any potential negative influences. Once you are comfortably settled in on the table, and given instructions on how to enter the Inner Realm, I will begin drumming a tempo designed to induce a hypnagogic state. Welcome to the Journey!

For the next 30 minutes, you will encounter the sacred terrain of your body’s innermost wisdom directly.