Astrology is the study of planetary movements and their
correspondence to our terrestrial experience down here.

Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine is an umbrella term for a wide range
of techniques and their functional philosophies that a
practitioner will use to address mental, emotional,
physical or even spiritual symptoms of dis-ease.

Grief Work
Polarity therapy used to address the non-physical causes
of physical pain, mental distress, or toxic behavior patterns.

Kambo is known as the “vaccine of the forest,” this medicine
contains unparalleled healing potential for the whole bio-energetic system.

Myofascial Bodywork
Myofascial Release (MFR) consists of gentle application
of sustained pressure into the fascial restrictions.

Shamanic Bodywork
Shamanic bodywork synthesizes traditional western
based bodywork with indigenous spiritual technologies.

Somatic JourneyWork
Somatic Journeywork is a specific, body-centric
application of a traditional Shamanic Journey.