Astrology is the study of planetary movements and their correspondence to our terrestrial experience down here.

As in the hermetic axiom “As above, so below,” we can look to the geometric relationships between the planets, the zodiacal signs through which they transit, and the house they occupy and make inferences about how those energies might manifest in your life.

A birth chart reading is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. Understanding the relationships within the chart can help you identify key strengths and liabilities within your personality. From this tool of self-knowledge, you will be able to gain access to latent inner power, and understand why certain aspects of your life just seem to drive you crazy.


First, I will need to know your birthday and the time/place of birth to generate an accurate birth chart. I will provide you with a printout of your chart, which we will analyze together. Going through and understanding the various aspects of your chart takes about an hour and is very conversational. It’s also a lot of fun. Eye rolls, moments of epiphany, and laughter frequently punctuate a chart reading, all while giving you tools to navigate your Life with greater Ease and Grace.

Sometimes treading the footpath of life can be very confusing. Divining the timing of Universal unfolding can help us re-frame and refocus our journey.