Andrew Milligan

I began my love affair with the Sacred Body in college, where I studied ballet and modern dance.
In 2008 that love blossomed into a practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, which I practiced for many years. These days I continue to develop a robust meditation practice, and now, post-pandemic, hope to re-enliven my yoga and capoeira practices. These practices give me a grounded strength from which to hold Sacred Space.

While still in college in 2003, I began my training of massage therapy, which I broadened into a study of myofascial release in 2012 under the tutelage of John Barnes. I am proud to share that I have been practicing bodywork now for almost 20 years!

My journey into the sacred space of shamanic healing began with an apprenticeship to master practitioner Jade Porter DuBois in 2006. Then in 2012 began my studies of Amazonian plant medicine to address deep childhood trauma, abuse, as well as an autoimmune condition that had recently manifested. I have such a long way to go, but even the Wisdom I have imbibed thus far has given me some wonderful Pearls to share.

In 2008 I had my first Saturn Return. My life completely fell apart, I was jobless, hopeless, penniless, and, oh yeah, now suffering from an autoimmune condition. Thus began a rigorous study of astrology, which continues to this day, all in an attempt to answer, “Why me? Why now?” As I have learned to dance with the spheres with ever greater poise, I am delighted to bring others onto the dance floor.

In 2016 attended a grief-work ritual provided by the Dagara elder Malidoma Some and took many workshops and initiations from him until his death in 20221. In that same year I became a certified Kambo practitioner, trained through Heal Your Tribe, and most recently returned from Peru on a deep healing journey with Kambo. A journey I invite you to traverse with me.