Shamanic bodywork synthesizes traditional western based bodywork with indigenous spiritual technologies.

In my 20+ years of study, I have found myofascial release (MFR) to be the most profound modality for addressing the emotional root of physical pain and dysfunction. I have seen my clients transmute some of the deepest trauma imaginable, unveiling the luminous being within.

The addition of shamanic healing techniques open up whole new dimensions (literally!) for healing. By acknowledging our inter-relatedness and reciprocity with All that Is, and forging relationships with our benevolent allies on the other side of the veil, our capacity for wholeness manifests so much more quickly and ease-fully.


At some point during your bodywork session, it will become apparent that the introduction of shamanic healing techniques is appropriate. These techniques can be the use of a drum or other sonic driver, the burning of plant medicines, the application of crystal or other ritually prepared items to your body at specific sites, and energetic techniques such as aura cleansing, chakra balancing, extraction, cord cutting, and chanting/toning.

These techniques can be applied at any point during the session: to open a session and call in Sacred 
Space; during a session to move stuck energy or clear the body after experiencing a deep healing process; and at the end to reintegrate and realign the non-physical body to the physical body, and to ground and close a session.

Come and experience Healing throughout your entire being: Body, Mind, and Soul!