(in no particular order)

TOUCHING ENLIGHTENMENT Reginald Ray. The first book on Buddhism – especially the Vajrayana path – that makes sense to me! It’s all about the Body.

ONENESS Rasha. A simply mind-warping ride through the nature of Reality, Karma and Divinity. This is one of those books that Changes you.

TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE Mitch Albom. Unflinching, raw and honest story of the fading days of a writer and his former high school teacher.

YOUR BODY’S MANY CRIES FOR WATER F. Batmanghelij. If you haven’t figured out by the last page that you are chronically dehydrated, there’s no hope for you!

DIE WISE: A MANIFESTO FOR SANITY AND SOUL Stephen Jenkenson. Did I say raw and unflinching? Every page relentlessly pounds into you that “This. Will. End.”

THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF Norman Doidge. I’m sure the science has advanced even further since its publication, but still a great introduction to neuroplasticity.

THE UNIVERSE IN A SINGLE ATOM HH Dalai Lama. Perfect harmony of western science and eastern spirituality as only the Dalai Lama could create.

THE HUMAN ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH Stanislas Grof. Case studies of terminal cancer patients undergoing clinical LSD therapy. Need I say more?

DEATH: THE FINAL STAGE OF GROWTH E. Kubler-Ross. A meditation on the nature of death and our “culture’s” inability to deal with it.

POST-TRIBAL SHAMANISM Kenn Day. So you are drawn to Shamanism but have no cultural traditions to guide you? No problem!

RITUAL: POWER, HEALING, AND COMMUNITY Malidoma Somé. The Elder of the Dagara Tribe will speak the words on the tip of every person’s tongue, giving voice to the yearning hole in our hearts for Community.

THE WILD EDGE OF SORROW Francis Weller. The darker elements of Life made poignantly powerful by a grief-work facilitator.

SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY Stanislas Grof. You are not losing your mind! Ok, you are, but it’s what you’ve always been waiting for!

THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN Michael Harner. Probably THE foundational work on western Core Shamanism.

CAVE AND COSMOS Michael Harner. His follow-up book exploring the nature of the Upper and Lower Worlds through comparisons of the Journeys of over 2000 Shamanic Practitioners.

ENTHEOGENS AND THE FUTURE OF RELIGION Edited by Robert Forte. A collection of essays on the use of mind-altering substances for spiritual insight by some of the major figures of the entheogenic movement.

DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE Rick Strassman. A clinical study of the endogenous molecule that keeps us all “tuned” into our common, shared reality.

SHAMANISM AS A PRACTICE FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Tom Cowan. A great place to learn the basics and mechanics of Journey-work.

THE FOUR AGREEMENTS Don Miguel Ruiz. Four simple concepts. Four. So simple…

SHAMAN, HEALER, SAGE Alberto Villoldo. Introduction to Shamanic healing methods of the Inca with how-to’s for self-care.

PSYCHOMAGIC Alejandro Jodorowski. This guy is a Wizard! This book will blow open your preconception of what constitutes spiritual work.

THE ART OF SHAPESHIFTING Ted Andrews. A collection of tools and techniques to connect to your Animal Power Within.

THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER Masaro Emoto. Popularized in “What The Bleep,” Emoto draws the straight line between Intention and our physical bodies.

WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? Dir. by William Arntz. A bit dated but a great introduction to the possible synthesis of quantum physics and spirituality.

ISHMAEL Daniel Quinn. Another book that will Change your perspective. Civilization through the eyes of a Gorilla.

HEALING ANCIENT WOUNDS John Barnes. Insights on Healing the Body from the originator of Myofascial Release.