Like Bodywork, Energy Medicine is an umbrella term for a wide range of techniques and their functional philosophies that a practitioner will use to address mental, emotional, physical or even spiritual symptoms of dis-ease. Energy medicine rarely involves making direct contact with the Body, as the practitioner is sensing and manipulating the subtle energies of which we are all composed. Think of it like this: a light bulb is more than simply the base, filament and glass casing, it is also the light it produces! Likewise the Human Body is more than muscles, bones and organs, it is also Consciousness, which extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the Body. And affecting that Consciousness can begin to Change the Human Light Bulb itself.

Again, just like in a Bodywork session, an Energy Medicine session will begin with an initial consultation to assess your concerns and goals for the session, after which I will have you lie comfortably on the table under the blanket. There is no need to undress, but I do recommend that you wear light, comfortable clothing.

The session will typically begin with some light neck or foot massage, to help you transition out of the Mindworld and begin to enter the Bodyworld.

Once we are comfortably settled in, I will peer into the Otherworld, where spirit guides are easiest to hear, non-physical ailments are easiest to perceive, and Paradox is the rule.

Then I will utilize a variety of techniques to address the etheric issues that present themselves. These typically include:

AURA CLEARING: This is a basic full-body scan of your outermost energetic layers. One of the first things we find is the the psychic pollution that we all pick up and carry around from living in a very toxic environment. Next, etheric echoes of old wounds – from this life and others – tend to reveal themselves. Holes and weak spots from drug use – including pharmaceuticals – can also be found. Depending on how extensive the Auric damage, we may stay here for the duration of the session. Or, having completed our cleanse, we address the next energy system.

CHAKRA BALANCING: Depending on the system you use, there are 7, 9, 15, 22 Chakras or more. I will stick with the seven familiar to most people. These seven Chakras are like step-down transformers, drawing raw spiritual energy in from the cosmos and filtering it down to specific frequencies we as Spirit can use to sustain our Human Body. When functioning optimally, each Chakra expresses the perfect blueprint of its domain. However, long-term exposure to EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies), chronic emotional upset, and toxic belief systems compromise the health of the Chakra system, which can become sluggish, non-rotational, spin out of axis, or simply be intraternally de-resonant. Once all the Chakras are harmonized, we can move onto another technique.

MERIDIAN CLEARING: Often this is done as part of a Bodywork session, but it can easily find a home in an Energy Medicine session. This is probably the most “physical” of the techniques, as the meridians run right above your skin. As the rivers and arteries of your bio-energetic system, it is vital that the flow be effortless and unimpeded. Muscle tension, scars, even tattoos can dam the current, starving organs and limbs of chi. Most often, chi flow can be restored with direct digital pressure into the Body at the site of the blockage, or by holding two related meridian points and “short circuit” the system.

EXTRACTION: Sometimes we can be invaded by a sentient or semi-sentient energy construct. When this happens, a simple clearing will not do the trick, as these beings have found a compatible host and will fight eviction. Depending on the severity of the attachment, this can be done as part of a regular energy medicine session, or may need to become a full-blown healing ritual in itself. These rituals can be emotionally and physically exhausting, so please prepare yourself accordingly.

SOUL RETRIEVAL: In the classic shamanic worldview, all trauma leads to Soul Loss. Basically this means that a sliver of our Totality – part of us that cannot deal with the full impact of the trauma – splits off and is lost somewhere in the Spirit World. A skilled shamanic practitioner and his/her guides can locate this lost Soul fragment, and reunite it with the rest of you. The integration can be instantaneous or gradual, and often will require a shift in values and priorities in order to “stick.” This is because the emotional intensity that this Soul fragment carries – its wound and the mirror it forces you to look into – can feel very dangerous to your current self-concept.

POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL: Also a common technique in the shaman’s bag of tricks, this is very similar to a Soul Retrieval. Except in this case, instead of lost Soul fragments, we are reuniting you with your Power. Part guardian angel, part guru, part muse, these totemic beings will test you, challenge you, and ultimately lead you onto your path of greatest soul-expression. Hark well their wisdom!

PAST LIFE / ANCESTRAL CLEARING / INTEGRATION: Any of the aforementioned techniques can precipitate the awareness of a past life episode or facilitate the contact of an Ancestral presence. When this happens, I may either get information from my guides about the life in question, I may channel the Ancestor directly, or I may simply be a witness as the process happens internally between and among yourselves. I make no claim on being a “clear channel;” I know my own BS, so I get out of the way as best I’m able, and allow the process to unfold as it will.

Often in a session, I will place Stones and ritually augmented Artifacts on and around your Body to help with delving, psychic surgery and suturing, recovery, and vision enhancement. Please wait until I have removed all items before getting up from the table.

I will conclude each session with a sage or tobacco smudge unless you request otherwise.

Remember to ground before leaving and make sure to hydrate well throughout the day. Often times a nap will help with the integration process. Sometimes, once you are at home in your safe place, emotional releases can occur, as well as having vivid dreams that night. Be easy with yourself.